BASEC Conformity certifies the global cable industry

BASEC Conformity is an independent accredited certification body for the cable industry worldwide. BASEC Conformity’s name is synonymous with quality and safety.

We conduct high quality, rigorous and regular testing across a range of sectors that supply and install cable, all to the relevant Standards and Regulations. Seeing the BASEC Conformity mark gives complete assurance to cable manufacturers, wholesalers, specifiers, purchasers and installers alike.

BASEC Conformity certifies all types of cable, wire and ancillary products, and provides Quality Management Systems Certifications specific to those operating in the cable sector via BASEC UK. For more information, help or advice, please contact us

Company Search

Find all the BASEC Conformity product approvals that are currently active with a particular manufacturer, and their management systems certified by BASEC Conformity, searching by name or location. Download relevant certificates. Performing a company search is useful to check that a particular manufacturer is currently approved by BASEC Conformity for specific cables and management systems.